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            Plastic sheet welding machine
            Suitable material: PE, PP \ \ PPH \ \ PVD, etc
            Rated voltage: 220 V / 380 V
            Product origin: Qingdao
            Heating mode: integral heating
            Tel:15853263376 13206477177
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            Plastic sheet welding machine

              The welding of plastic plates is changed from manual to fully automatic machine welding, no welding rods and no weld leakage, which reduces your cost, improves labor efficiency and saves plates. Fully automatic plastic plate welding machine is an electrical integrated automatic mechanical equipment. Developed according to the principle of hot plate heating and welding, it is suitable for the welding of all thermoplastic sheets. The use of microcomputer control has a voltage regulating function. It does not need to be melted by the electrode sheet itself, and the interface is flat and beautiful, and the strength is high.

              Rated voltage: 380V three-phase AC power supply

              Rolling motor power: 1.5kw, speed: 1400R/min Voltage: 380V50HZ

              Heating tube power: 8kw

              Control interface: PLC control

              Suitable materials: PP, PE, PPH, PVD, etc.

              Main accessories details:

              1. Total number of cylinders: 32 (Zhejiang Asahi Pneumatic)

              2. Circuit breaker. AC contactor, etc. (Chint)

              3. Heating knife material: imported from Taiwan (can directly replace the heating tube without changing the knife)

              Heating knife length: 3200mm (using Taiwan's new technology for overall heating)

              Heating knife surface coating: DuPont 380 pure Teflon coating

              4. Beam length: 3600mm

              5. Table motion slider: 10 groups (Taiwan silver)

              6. Motor: LV aluminum motor

              7. Countertop: Manganese plate plus 50*200U steel (gantry milling to ensure the platform is solid and flat)

              8. Heating tube material: 304 stainless steel

              1. LV aluminum reducer 1.5kw

              2. Motor model: HCH aluminum motor 1.5kw

              3. Zhejiang Asahi Cylinder

              4. Heating knife basic material: aluminum (one year warranty)

              5. Heating knife Teflon thickness: 0.3mm (single side)

              6. Slider model: (Taiwan silver) 25mm linear guide

              7. Heating time: 20 minutes from the start to the normal working time

              8. Normal working energy consumption: 2.5kw

              9. Consumables: heating knife Teflon

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            Qingdao Brothers Union won the Plastic Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd.

            Address: Qingdao Jiaozhou Yang Hasan Industrial Park

            Tel: 0532-88269678

            Mobile: 15853263376 13206477177

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            Tel:15853263376 13206477177

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